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Choose your own healing journey

Starting therapy takes courage. Whether facing burning difficulties or grappling with deep-rooted issues, you deserve dedicated support. Currently, I offer online or telephone sessions, and the descriptions below may help you identify a preference for how you'd like to be supported. You don’t have to choose one; we can go with the flow and see what works best for you.

Short-term work

Focused on specific goals? Try my recommended short-term program—six sessions aimed at identifying, exploring, and breaking through your main issue. This solution-focused approach is geared toward direct, effective results. Many find these sessions open doors to deeper insights, offering the option to continue delving into further exploration of your inner world if desired.

Open ended therapy

Long-term work is suited for those experiencing persistent challenges rooted deeply in their past, seeking lasting transformation. This journey is for individuals craving fundamental shifts and profound changes that endure. It involves delving deeply into self-discovery, understanding relationships, finding purpose, making sense of experiences, and integrating life's complexities.

Crisis Management

You might be facing something that none of us are immune to. It could be about your own struggles or needing support in helping someone else. We'll have as many sessions as necessary for you to regain your sense of coping and safety. In these sessions, I can assist in identifying risks, crafting a safety plan, connecting you with additional support, and providing immediate techniques to navigate the distressing feelings or experiences that have impacted your or someone else's well-being.

Uplift Another

Join me in making a meaningful impact! Therapy is essential for many but inaccessible to some. Consider donating a therapy fee to those in need. Your contribution covers 6 weekly sessions. If you or someone you know could benefit, reach out to join the waiting list. Rest assured, confidentiality is strictly maintained for both donors and recipients. For more information, contact me today.

Hello, I'm Evelina!

Licensed Integrative Psychotherapist

BSc, MA, GradCert, MA.

Naturally, before starting such a delicate journey of healing, you might wonder if I

am the right specialist for you. So let me briefly tell you about my professional background. I have a genuine interest in

how we, as humans, are meant to navigate through a life that is full of challenges and unexpected events, and what we need to

feel satisfied and happy. Being a unique individual with unique life experiences,

this journey is different for all of us.

With this curiosity alive in me, I embarked

on a path of studying general psychology, psychoanalytic theory, and delving deeper into specific approaches such as Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and CBT.

I have been working with people experiencing moderate to severe mental health challenges in private and NHS sectors. I welcome my clients to show up as they are and start

from where they stand. I apply BACP’s

Ethical Framework, and together with

regular clinical supervision, I ensure safe

and ethical work with my clients.

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Book now

To secure your appointment (after a free 15min conversation), clients are required to prepay for 3 sessions at £211.  This upfront payment establishes the payment pattern for the service. Refunds are available with one week's notice or if you decide not to continue after the first session. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Starter session

Free 15 min initial conversation

15 min


Therapy sessions x3

Clients are required to book 3 sessions in advance

50 min x3

211 GBP

Emergency session

It can be booked in short notice and at flexible hours

50 min

80 GBP

Uplift Another

Consider donating a therapy fee to those in need. Your contribution covers 6 weekly sessions.

50 min x6

422 GBP



“I can’t recommend Evelina enough. She is a skilled and knowledgable psychologist with a remarkable sense of empathy. She was able to create an environment where I could freely explore my thoughts and emotions and felt safe in the process.  Her ability to foster this supportive atmosphere is invaluable, making her a highly recommended psychologist."

Food for Thought


What occurs during our initial appointment?

During the first session, we will explore in detail what has brought you to therapy. We will identify the current issues and how they are affecting your life. We will explore your hopes for therapy and make a plan for how we would work together. This can also be an opportunity to ask any questions about the therapy process.

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