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The Neuroscience of Creativity

An excerpt from Tara Swart’s The Source explains how the brain’s ability to adapt can allow for better decision-making for social good.

Brain agility and neuroplasticity are attributes that make us more adaptable and resilient and also increase our sense of agency in an ever-changing world. As geo-political and psycho-social crises are impacting us and our children at unprecedented levels, we are mindlessly creating a dystopian future and future leaders ill-equipped to deal with this.

Of all the elements of brain agility, including: mastering our emotions; understanding the brain-body connection; trusting our intuition; making decisions for social good; staying motivated to reach our goals; and reframing creativity to allow us to design a future we can feel good about; it is creativity that can harness the most from the power of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself) to make social innovation more effective and have a positive impact on populations of brains, not just our own.

Change starts with us. An understanding of how the brain works, raising from non-conscious to conscious the drivers of our behavior that may be barriers to success; priming the brain to notice and grasp opportunities that may otherwise have passed us by; turning “lack” thinking into abundance; and manifesting the real-world outcomes that we desire for ourselves and future generations, leads to a cascade effect of health, wealth (in whatever form that may be), and well-being.

Key relationships are improved, and people are inspired. This is where science meets spirituality—a powerful combination that can reap benefits for all. My research into reframing the definition of creativity, based on neuroscience, started in 2013 with a conversation at the Stanford d. school, a hub for innovation, collaboration and creativity. Its mission is to help people become everyday innovators, everywhere. I hope you will enjoy exploring your brain with this excerpt of my new book, The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain.Tara Swart

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