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Letters From Esther #8: The Myth of Self-Love

Shall We Begin?

Where did we get the idea that we have to learn how to love all on our own? Have you ever ended a relationship because you needed to “work on yourself?” Have you ever said “I need to learn how to love myself before I can love anyone else—and before I can learn how to be loved?

Western culture is obsessed with the exhortation of individualism. In the past few years, the lexicon of the “Self”—self-love, self-care, self-made, the selfie, etc.—has sparked intense debate. Has “self-love” become a marketing term so that beauty brands can sell more products under the guise of wellness? Is self-care making us more self-critical? Is Kylie Jenner really the youngest “self-made” billionaire if she started her business with family money and fame? Does a “selfie” show the world our most empowered self or does it present a better-lit and maybe even slightly tweaked version of how we think we’d like to look? When people say “love thyself,” I wonder, which one?

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